/”c’mon, vogue”

#013 /model behaviour

It has been six months since we launched T/m and the response from our readers, supporters  and contributors has been fantastic! For a small change of pace and  because we thought you could use a laugh as we head into the winter months we would like to share with you some images that we made over a couple of really special days. We have had many great experiences in our 20 plus years of shooting professionally but these two days really stand out! We didn’t stop smiling the whole time we were “working” and we hope that it puts a smile on your face also!

Victor John Penner, Creative Director for T/m


When our good friend Rita Sasges at Sasges Design asked us if we would like to work with them on a “side project”, a little cookbook to give as a gift to clients and friends we replied “sure”. What followed became some what more than a side project, it became the “Goat Book” and it has been stacking up accolades and awards since it’s release. It was a winner in the “Mohawk Show 12”,  Neenah 2012 “UnShow”, 2012 Communication Arts “Design Annual” and the 2012 Coupe Magazine “International design + Image Competition”.

The Goat Book is available for purchase here.

/in the lens

/stylist “steps in” while sittings editor watches


/work it!

/goatwalk the catwalk

/that’s a wrap!


goat/models / all for snap dragon dairy
photography / victor john penner for photomob
producer / marlisse penner for photomob
assistant / sebastian penner
retouching / jason gowans for thelab

Book Credits:

rita sasges / sasges inc.
victor & marlisse penner / photomob
janice beaton / janice beaton fine cheese
kim blanchette / blanchette press
marco cibola / work by marco
morgan curley / sasges inc.
jill dasilva / sasges inc.
carey fraser
brittany hellec
janice laurie
russ peters
aaron rinas
shirley sasges / sasges inc.
tali schtelzer / sasges inc.
lauren tamaki
chandra vermeulen / sasges inc.
pat wong / sasges inc.
david wood / salt spring island cheese co.

shot on location at snap dragon dairy farm courtesy of karen fouracres & jaki ayton