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#007 /sunday driver

A few weeks ago we were contacted by Chris Collie a new photo assistant looking for freelance work with photomob, I asked if he had any of his own photography work that I could take a look at and Chris said that he and a friend, Heath Latter had just started shooting fashion together as a team using the “Edward / William” moniker and that he would forward me a link to some pics from their very first shoot together. We think that it was a good first effort and that by publishing it here we can put the  T/m ,”practice / express / nurture” philosophy to practice and give Edward / William a gentle push forward.

We sat down with Chris and Heath to get the background on how they are starting their photography careers and how “Edward / William” came to fruition.

OK, why don’t you give us a little background on yourselves and how you guys started working together.
/heath I’m Australian and came to Canada 6 years ago to snowboard and work, I’m a trained chef and up until a few weeks ago I was still working full time in a kitchen as a sous chef. I have now started working full time at Flashpoint (a photo equipment rental house) and am chasing the photography “dream”.

/chris Much the same as Heath, except that I am from New Zealand, I have been here 4 years I worked in I.T. and now I am slowly working my way up the ladder to working in fashion.

Cool. How did you guys meet? Was it through snowboarding, up at Whistler?
/c  No, it was through Adam Blasberg (a local photographer). We were driving back from a shoot and he asked if I hung out with any other assistants or young photographers, and he knew Heath and so he hooked us up.

He probably thought, “hey, they both talk funny, they would get along!”. 🙂
/h /c
  (laughing) Yeah, that was it for sure!! (laughing)

What kind of photography backgrounds do you have?
/h Nothing, except an interest in photography, then from the kitchen to Flashpoint.

How did that happen?!
/h  I knew Sarah (Flashpoint employee) from Australia and she had introduced me to Adam Blasberg to do some assisting. I did that a few times and when an opening came up at Flashpoint she suggested me for the position.

You were assisting Adam, but you had no experience, were you more of the “muscle” on the shoot or what? Or were you lighting all of his shots? 😛 (laughing)
/h  (laughing) Yes, definitely more of the manual labour.

What about you Chris?
/c  I was working in I.T. and I got tired of sitting behind a desk staring at a computer so I bought a camera and started photographing my friends snowboarding at Whistler and it just spiraled from there. I moved down to Vancouver after my girlfriend, who had assisted in London suggested that it was a good way to “break in” to the industry.

You took some photography courses though, right?
/c  Yes, I took two courses at Langara (community college) and I am currently finishing my third.

When did you guys figure out that you wanted to shoot together? Because, first of all, you are shooting under the nom de plume Edward / William, which are your middle names, right?
/h  Yes, Edward is my middle name and William is Chris’.

I think that it is a great name! But I am curious, because my ego is so big, how you can “share” a shoot without stepping on each others toes or feeling like one of you is “better” than the other. How do you deal with that?
Well, originally I was helping Chris with his own shoots and when I left the kitchen I suggested that we team up to create our own “package” of images and direction/production and that’s what we are doing with Edward / William.

/c  We want to create images that are fashion/editorial/advertising driven and we think that teaming up will put less stress on each of us as individuals. We can get more done in the same time by splitting the duties.

What about visual styles? Are you both shooting on the same shoot? How does that work?
/h Yes, we are both shooting…

/c  The images that you picked for this issue, /sunday driver are nearly a 50/50 split between us.

Oh, that is interesting because I didn’t know who shot what, I just edited what you sent into a tighter little story. Well, pretty cohesive, maybe this crazy idea of yours WILL work! 😛
/h  With Chris’ stronger technical background and my creativity I think that we make a pretty good team…

/c  …yeah

Well, it was nice to meet you guys and T/m looks forward to seeing more of your work as you progress so keep us in the loop and we will keep our readers informed of your progress.

ZARA headband

ALDO shoes
ROCAILLE necklace (worn as headpiece)

ALDO shoes
ROCAILLE necklace (worn as headpiece)

FOREVER21  crochet top
TOPSHOP  beaded shorts
ELIZA LAU  headpiece
VINTAGE  beaded belt

FOREVER21  crochet top
TOPSHOP  beaded shorts
ELIZA LAU  headpiece
VINTAGE  beaded belt


model / andee for next models
photography & production / edward / william
hair & makeup / sandra chung
styling / coreen miller

special thanks to the following for their support and/or loan of products and service…

next models / corey mann / chelsea leadbetter
jared nome / intern for TEST/model magazine


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