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A few days after the Jacqueline Conoir/JAC F/W 2012 fashion show TEST/model magazine sat down with Rozemerie Cuevas, the designer of JC/JAC and owner of Jaqueline Conoir Studio, to ask her what she looks for when casting models for shows and photo shoots. After 27 years of building her brand Rozemerie knows exactly what she is looking for in a model and has a few good tips for models wanting to make a good impression on a go-see.

Rozemerie, can you tell us what you are looking for when you cast for a show?
Well, I do two kinds of casting call, one is for fashion shows and the second is for image shots. For runway we like to have our models from 5′ 8″ to 5′ 11″. I know that a lot of runway shows want girls in the 6′ + range but unfortunately our sample line is not that tall.
What is your sample size?
Our sample size is a 2. Our runway call is for girls 5′ 8″ to 5′ 11″, size 2 and not really chesty. We also ask for them to wear a bra that is not really padded because of the look our particular collection, or depending on the garment they will be wearing, no bra. I also look for a torso on the shorter side so they have proportionately longer legs, again this is because of the sample line we are working with is for the “regular” size woman, if the model’s torso is shorter then it will fit our sample.
Right. What else are you looking for?
The other thing I look for is their walk. A lot of attitude in their walk, a confident modern walk, I don’t like the bouncing around of some walks so there is a particular look that we are after in terms of the walk.
Are these requirements consistent from show to show for you?
Yes they are, for both JC and JAC. Getting back to attitude, we don’t go for sensual or sexy/cheesecake we go for really fresh faces.
Fresh faces?
Yes, fresh makeup, fresh hair, simple glamor, you know, nothing overly sexy that is not what we are looking for.
Do you have an age bracket that you are looking for also?
Yes. We have two collections that we cast for, the Jacqueline Conoir line we are looking for girls between 18-20 years old and for the JAC line we are looking at 16-18 years old.
What are the demographics for your customers at retail?
They range from between 25-55 years old, the Jacqueline Conoir line being on the higher side.
Okay, so you also mentioned that you cast for photo shoots, what are you looking for in the models then?
Well, those models don’t need to be able to runway walk at all but they have to be really photogenic and have all the modern poses nailed down, more natural. They have to be able to move!
Move, YES!! What about their look?
Blonde, brunette, depends on the season and what is in the collection. For Jacqueline Conoir we tend to go for more of a glamor look and for JAC it is more a casual shoot.
But definitely oozing of confidence, that comes through in camera, and a beautiful fresh face. Oh, and also they HAVE to take direction really well!!
Great Rozemerie! Is there any final tips you can pass on to our readers?
Yes, overall for both runway and shoots we are looking for girls that are well groomed. Hair, fingernails, toenails so that when we are going in for a shoot or show we don’t have to to a major overhaul on them.
(laughing) “we can rebuild you”.
It is so time consuming to do at a shoot and it is really important. It is also important on a go-see to wear a fitted outfit so that we can see your body shape without having to have you undress.
These are really good tips…
And, we ask you to be ON TIME!!
And bring your comp card or we will not be able to refer back to and put a name to a face on the call sheet. And when you are late it pisses me off and I have no confidence that you will make the show or shoot, I don’t tend to book people that are late.
Rozemerie, thank you so much for opening up your studio for our readers, the advice is appreciated and we want you to know that TEST/model is always early 🙂 ….
(laughing) You’re welcome, it was my pleasure!

/backstage at JACQUELINE CONOIR / JAC  f/w 2012


/sarah lewis for next models
JAC  f/w 2012
photo by peter jensen for jc studio

outfit (model’s own)

“fuji” by victor john penner for T/m

outfit (model’s own)

“fuji” by victor john penner for T/m

/bryanna for charles stuart international models
photo by peter jensen for jc studio

/tessa for richard’s model management
photo by peter jensen for jc studio

outfit (model’s own)

“fuji” by victor john penner for T/m

outfit (model’s own)

“fuji” by victor john penner for T/m

/kyla h. for next models
f/w 2012

photo by peter jensen for jc studio

outfit (model’s own)

“fuji” by victor john penner for T/m

/darian for key model management
photo by peter jensen for jc studio

/fei ren for richard’s model management
f/w 2012

photo by peter jensen for jc studio

outfit (model’s own)

“fuji” by victor john penner for T/m

outfit (model’s own)
“fuji” by  victor john penner for T/m

/emily loewen for richard’s model management
photo by peter jensen for jc studio


/bryanna for charles stuart international models
/austin /brooklyn /ciane /darian /gabbi for key model management
/jennifer v. /jessica m. /julia d. for l2 models
/michelle /sari for lexington models
/anastasia v. /andrea s. /dakary p. /emma t. /katie g. /lisa b. for liz bell agency
/alana for luxe model management
/channing /elliat /kyla h. /lauren c. /sarah lewis for next models
/emily loewen /fei ren /josey /kaleda /katie /kendall s. /lisanne v.
/miliana /safia /tessa all for richard’s international model management

photography / victor john penner
photography (show) / peter jensen
producer / marlisse penner
hair (show) / blanche macdonald under direction of sashi, seth & gigi
makeup (show) / m.a.c. under direction of caitlin callahan
styling (show) / jacqueline conoir studio
assistant (go-see) / nicolas penner
retouching / jason gowans for the lab
video / david james for thekreative
video (go-see) / sebastian penner
music / “i want rock ‘n roll” licensed by apm music

special thanks to the following for their support and/or loan of products and service…

apm music
charles stuart international models
jacqueline conoir studio / rozemerie cuevas, thomas cuevas & staff
key model management
l2 models
lexington models
liz bell agency
luxe model management
next models
nikon cameras
richard’s international model management
the lab / hieu nguyen



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