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Shortly after our Test/model session with Rosemary she was placed with PT Models in Shanghai (you may remember PT Models from ANTM Cycle 9.10). She is staying in a “model apartment” with three other models and working hard to break through in this demanding business. We caught up with Rosemary on skype to get the details on how her modeling career is shaping up.

Hi Rosie, how’s it going?
Hi, it’s going really well, I’ve been working a lot! People here are really friendly and it’s a beautiful, clean city which has been a pleasant surprise.
You’ve been to Asia before though, right?

Yes, I was placed in Bangkok for a three month contract last year, and I also did a job in Singapore.
Right, and Shanghai is quite a bit different than Bangkok isn’t it?

Shanghai is more metropolitan, more business oriented and Bangkok more of a shopping/tourism city in my opinion.
Are you getting any “go sees”, like, how many in a week?

We go on about three to five castings a day!

Yes, it’s quite good, and the castings are quick and brief, not as long as other places I’ve been before.
Right, good, and have you booked any jobs yet?

Yes I have, I’ve booked some catalog jobs. One of them was a three day job and the last day was at a luxury hotel which was lovely.

So, yeah most of the jobs are for catalogs.

It’s not a very editorial market, it’s a lot more commercial because they are exporting more ready to wear and street fashion than high end fashion. I haven’t been to any magazine castings yet.
OK, good. How long have you been modeling?

I’ve been modeling for two years.
Two years, is it getting easier? Harder?
It’s getting easier, every trip, everything I do, I learn more about myself and this industry, how to present myself in a way that I want to be known for. This time around I was super organized and I think that is the key with this industry, coming prepared, ready to work the first day. Ready to go!
(laughing) Great, that’s good Rosie! How old are you?

I’m 16 but I’m going to be 17 soon.
Well, an early “Happy Birthday” to you!
(laughing) Thank you.
OK, we spoke a little during our shoot about your schooling, what grade are you in?
I’m in grade 11.
How are you modeling, I mean how are you still doing your schoolwork while you are in China?

I am doing my school online. I am in a program where I can do different courses from different grades so I’m doing more grade 12 and some grade 11, and I can do whatever I want as long as I have all the required credits at the end. It is very convenient for me because I can study whenever I have time.
How are your grades?
(laughing) Very good!
Awesome. Did your TEST/model session help you?
Yes it did. For one thing, I enjoy getting creative direction from the photographer where they actually say, “No, you should do it like this”, because a lot of times, at jobs, they will silently be upset with you and not give you any direction. So, it’s nice to have someone say, “if you move like this it will be better”, because then, when you go to a job you know kind of how to move in a way that works for your particular body.
So, that was very helpful.
And the final images were incredible, so thank you for that!
You’re welcome, it was a pleasure to work with you. Any last, parting words for our readers?

I would say that if you are going to model for a living, you have to love it, you have to be committed and not just do it as something “fun”. It is not just about you, a lot of people have put hard work into your career and support you and you have to make them proud.
Thanks for that Rosemary, it was nice catching up with you, good luck and keep in touch.


  t-shirt (stylist’s own)

BCBGMAXAZRIA  necklace & ring

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  t-shirt (stylist’s own)

BCBGMAXAZRIA  blazer/shirt/necklace/ring

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BCBGMAXAZRIA  blazer/shirt/necklace/ring
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VINTAGE  necklace (stylist’s own)

POUR LA VICTOIRE  shoes at rowansky
VINTAGE  necklace (stylist’s own)


model / rosemary for modelco
photography / victor john penner
producer / marlisse penner
hair / emma park for avant garde
makeup / caitlin callahan using mac cosmetics
styling / patricia lagmay for they representation
styling assistant / chime gilday
first assistant / rob seebacher
intern / sebastian penner
retouching / jason gowans for the lab
video / david james for thekreative
music / scout “strangest thing” licensed by apm music

special thanks to the following for their support and/or loan of products and service…

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avant garde / jon paul holt
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matiko shoes
modelco / brenda wong
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nom de plume / urban outfitters
pour la victoire shoes
rowan sky / nima farahmand + troy cruickshank
the lab / hieu nguyen
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  1. Lee wrote:

    Hey, It’s LEE here.
    I am an aspiring model who has done numerous shoots and runways here in Vancouver and it inspires me to shoot a lot more. I am First Nations/German from Canada, and I think that this video/shoot is so awesome, and Rosemary is amazing here! ” Go ROSEMARY ” You ROCK!. <3 LEE

    • victor wrote:

      Hi Lee,
      If you have an agent have them contact us using the contact page above. If you are independent send us a pic and your contact info the same way.

      YES, Rosemary is amazing and her career is blossoming, follow us on facebook to stay on top of news about T/m models and shoots.

      Thanks for the support Lee!